When do you know your business is ready for a server?

You need a central location to share files.

Your users need access to a Line of Business application.

Multiple users need access to the same computer but shouldn't share data or passwords.

A vendor sends over system requirements that require a server or database.

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What do we do?

Local Backup & Cloud Backup

Simplefusion will setup and maintain local on-site block-level backups and off-site cloud file level backups. We will work with you to define your recovery wants and needs. In case of a failure everyone will have a plan to follow to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Line of Business Applications

From databases to Virtual servers we keep the systems that empower your business up and running. We have experience supporting a variety of LoB softwares and work closely with LoB providers to deploy and manage these critical systems.

Users and Permissions

Simplefusion utilizes Microsoft Server to manage users and secure sensitive data. Accounting and Human Resource information can be secured at the folder and share level. This will provide you comfort and peace of mind knowing your information is safe.

Single Sign On

With the advent of the Cloud, managing passwords has become difficult. Your passwords can be managed from one central location for all your On Premise and Cloud applications.

Reliable Hardware

Simplefusion sells Dell PowerEdge Tower or Rack servers. We can customize your server to fit the needs of all your applications. With redundant power supplies and hard drives, you will avoid downtime due to hardware failure.

Remote Access

Microsoft Server 2012 R2 is a great platform for remote access. With features like Remote Desktop Services and Virtual Private Networks Simplefusion will keep you connected to your data at all times.